But, over the years, I've noticed that if I'm not consciously building my character, I become worn down by ...life. That's why I've built Talk Around the Campfire(R).  My goal is that this will be a place where we can come together to be inspired, encouraged, and challenged, a place where we build godly character, so that we can become empowered from the inside--out. Let's link arms as a team to change our families, neighborhoods, cities, states, and nations.

It's rather simple. The key is to keep those thoughts in front of us each day. So, most days on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, I'll be posting a morning pondering. It's something for us to 'chew on' throughout the day. Are you a Pinterest fan? Come peek at my boards with inspirational quotes. Randomly I'll be posting thoughts on my blog, Blog Talk Radio, Podcasts, and fun clips on YouTube. I've posted links to them below."

Let's link our arms together, as a team, to change ourselves, our families, neighborhoods, cities, states, and nations.

"The campfire was the place where we figured out life. Where we 'cut our teeth' on how to live The Code of the West: where a man's word was his bond, where courage and integrity meant more than money, and where living a life of honor was to be esteemed. The more I built my character

on core Godly values, the more I became empowered from the inside-out.

Talk Around the Campfire(R)

Did you enjoy campfires as a child? Rebecca Ondov did. She says, "I remember sitting spellbound listening to tall-tales of adventures and roasting s'mores over the crackling fire. Little did I know that all the years I worked in the wilderness, I would sit around campfires nearly every morning and evening.

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Join me--so that together we will be empowered--from the inside out!

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